Monday, 30 March 2015

Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair.

March has been a busy time for me with  finally up and running and my first fair to prepare for at Saltaire. I am loving this journey and meeting customers face to face on Saturday was very rewarding. I have always enjoyed wandering around vintage fairs as a customer and have visited Rose & Browns vintage fairs often, even still I wasn't sure what to expect on the other side! The Victoria Hall in Saltaire is the perfect location to host 48 stalls of vintage loveliness. 
I am happy to say that I loved the whole day and the feedback I received from customers was very encouraging. It was a pleasure working alongside and meeting other stall holders. As the newbie I was made to feel very welcome and offered lots of valuable tips and shared experiences. Not at all the 'closed shop' mentality that I was afraid of. Their seems to be a real sense of community which was refreshing and fantastic to share the vintage passion with like minded people. A busy day, full of vintage loving customers, meeting new people and great music all day long, what's not to love? 

One of the days highlights for me was selling the 1980's pair of Mondrian style court shoes. I loved the fact that I had rescued these discarded shoes which have been brought back to life with a happy customer. She looked fab in them and the shoes can continue their life. That's what I love about vintage fashion. The different stories and peoples lives that they've been part of.

I even had time to have a quick read of my favourite Vintage Life magazine before the doors opened.

I even managed a little vintage shopping, it would have been rude not to! Look at this lovely Liquorice sweet jar I bought from the lovely Sally at
It was a perfect opportunity to hand out my flyers and promote the 'name the mannequin head' competition too. There has been some fabulous names so far, including Biba, Josephine, Eve-tete and Coco. The competition ends 30th April so there's plenty of time to get your name in.
Email me at and the winner will receive a free gift from All About Eve Vintage.
All in all a fabulous day and I am looking forward to returning to Saltaire on June 7th. Further information can be found at
Next stop will be Ilkley Playhouse Vintage Fair, Saturday 18th April. Organised by Jill at:  Come and say hello! 
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Monday, 9 March 2015

A Visit to Hebden Bridge

Saturday brought some Spring sunshine with it and left the perfect day for a wander around Hebden Bridge. I had the great excuse to visit as I had won a skirt in a Facebook competition from the lovely handmade clothes range 'I Am Lucille'. Set amongst the Pennine valley the drive over there from Ilkley is always beautiful. Hebden Bridge is full of creativity and always seems to have a buzz about the place. From musicians busking, puppet masters performing and friendly folk campaigning it is brimmed with individuality and personality. The town has managed to hold onto a large array of independent shops which adds to the character and interest of the town. I can't help wishing Ilkley could recapture some of this independent spirit which is slowly disappearing with the invasion of high street retailers.

Parking in the town is a big issue and you can never find a space. Mark and I ended up parking quite far out of town and walking along the Rochdale canal which was very pleasant but if you shopped here regularly I think it would drive you mad! (Surely there is a need for a park and ride scheme ? ...end of tiny moan...)

I loved the look of 'The Crafty Snail Studio' narrow boat where the young and old can go and be creative and learn how to make things, from felting, printing and mosaic workshops. What a lovely setting for some arty fun. I wish I had known about this when my children were younger as it would be a lovely birthday party venue.

 Sadly due to the lovely weather the town was very busy so a quick coffee stop at Muse Music and the Love Café wasn't possible. But if you love your music whilst having a leisurely coffee it's a great pit stop. A place where you can find your favourite Vinyl and CD's and sit and the watch the world go by, well Hebden Bridge at least !

(Photo taken from:
 Down to the real purpose of the visit. Lucy and the Caterpillar vintage shop and the label 'I am Lucille'. One of the things I am enjoying on my journey into vintage is finding new places to shop and meeting new people. I visited this shop last year and I absolutely love it and the owner Lucy Conran. It is a small boutique set upstairs in the Hebden Bridge Mill packed full of vintage clothing, from the 1920's to 80's. Her stock is varied and pleasantly not all on the tiny size which I am finding is often the case with a lot of vintage clothing shops. Last year I bought a 1960's tartan dress here and it is has been one of my most loved Winter wardrobe pieces. Lucy is very friendly and you are made to feel very welcome and comfortable to browse. Today was not my vintage shopping day so I came away empty vintage handed but I'll be back.

Actually that's a lie, I didn't come away empty handed as I collected my handmade tweed skirt from the 'I Love Lucille ' range. I never win competitions and was thrilled to find out I had one of these skirts in a like and share competition last month. The clothes are vintage inspired, made to measure with the Made In Britain ethos behind it too. Very fitting when you consider Hebden Bridge's rich textile history.  It was clearly a bad windy hair day when we took this photo but you can see how lovely the tweed skirt looks with my grey and black boots from Clinkards (2014).  I am determined to have a smarter vintage inspired dog walking dress code for Autumn 2015 and this skirt will fit in very nicely thank you!

For more information about the I am Lucille range visit:

If all that was not enough to tempt you to take a vintage inspired trip to Hebden Bridge then maybe The Burlesque Festival might! April 30th-3rd May. 

Lili Scala by Neil Kendall
(Photo taken from:
Kiki Deville by My Boudoir
 A chance to listen to Kiki Deville, Winner of the Vintage Personality of the Year 2014, along with live swing, jazz and rocker billy music. Pick up some vintage hair and beauty tips from the winner of Manchesters' vintage styling awards 2012 and 2013, Bethany Joe Davies.
The festival programme sounds fun and will certainly be a visual extravaganza. Go on why not try it!
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Vintage Scarves

I have spent the afternoon washing and sorting a lovely collection of vintage 1950's -1970's scarves ready for my first vintage fair on the 28th March at Saltaire. The colours and patterns are just fabulous and it got me thinking how such a simple piece of clothing has continuously played a part in our wardrobes, with different looks but always with a sense of glamour and style.
Look how beautiful Audrey Hepburn and Bridget Bardot look wearing headscarves.
(Image taken from;
Sophie Loren looks stunning in this colourful head scarf.
I am delighted with my latest scarf finds, including several renowned British company, Jacqmar scarves all in excellent condition. 

The colours and patterns of the 1960's scarves are full of fun and to me sum up the vibrancy of the fashion at that time, but can still hold a place in our wardrobes today.

 Grace Kelly looking elegant wearing a neck scarf.
Elizabeth Taylor proving that wearing a neck scarf really can look sexy!

Diana Ross looks so cool , the 1970's still relied on the faithful scarf to add to the finished look.
Of course we can't fail to give a nod to Madonna who rocked the retro style headscarf in the 1980's. I remember this look painfully well!
(Image taken from:
Judging by some of the 2015 Spring /Summer catwalk shows it looks like the scarf still has a place in our wardrobes!

If you're feeling inspired why not pop over to All About Eve for some beautiful vintage scarves at:
Come and say hello at The Saltaire Vintage Home and Fashion Fair too, Saturday 28th March, 9.30am-4pm.
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