Monday, 20 April 2015

The Ilkley Playhouse Vintage Fair.

Recently when ever I read the many facebook chats about Ilkley as a shopping experience it seems to be full of doom and gloom, especially when you see so many empty shops around the town presently.There is a real divide in the town with some crying out for larger 'brand' stores coming in to the town whilst others are much more in favour of creating financial viability for local independent stores offering that little something different. I have to say I am in the later camp. With this in mind the idea of vintage fair in Ilkley could really have gone either way!  All credit to Jill Coulson from Alfie Robot Retro for organising the event as she really did an excellent job. I think Ilkley shoppers can be unpredictable and Jill had clearly done a great marketing job, including getting retweets from Look North's Harry Gration and Kaiserchiefs Ricky Wilson publicising the event. I passed some lovely looking ladies in Ilkley on the way dressed up in vintage 1960's clothes handing out leaflets. The hard work paid off as there was a real buzz to the day and rooms full of people right from the start.

There were 12 vintage stalls selling a good variety of goods, from pottery, clothing, house accessories and jewellery. I overheard two women talking about the quality of the stalls and they said they found the quality of our stalls to be better than those they frequently visit in London. This kind of event really can help dispel the myth that London and the South is the only place to be for the vintage scene!

I am really enjoying this venture into the vintage world and have already met some lovely customers and stall holders. It feels good to share your passion about something with like minded people. It is hard not to fall in love with some of the clothes you are selling as I am really buying things which suit my taste. I have to confess to feeling a little sad to say goodbye to some of my favourite dresses this Saturday but mixed with excitement at seeing how great a customer looks in it. The ongoing quest to discover new stock is also a little addictive.
The fair held the added attraction of the talented Charlie Oswin, who has recently left the world of television and film work to set up her own 'Wigs and Make-up School' in Leeds, working her hair and make-up magic on willing participants. I don't think she stopped all day and the stream of beehives and eye flicks walking past looked fantastic. What I found pleasing was the amount of younger children showing an interest in vintage fashion and style. The next generation coming through to share the passion and the vintage history.
 For more information on Charlie Oswin
For those in need of a sit down and rest coffee and cakes were available in the vintage style café with lovely ladies dressed up in style. I managed to resist the cake stand but the lemon drizzle cake looked delicious.

Ilkley Playhouse also launched their new costume hire department at the venue with many well dressed mannequins appearing to show the wide range of clothes available from hire.
The Hire department is open on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7.30 – 9.30pm
Friday 10.30am - 4.30pm and Saturday mornings by appointment. 
For more information, contact Jill Coulson : or
Fancy Dress, Costume Hire at Ilkley Playhouse
A great vintage fair and encouraging to see so many customers willing to come out and support such a local event. Let's hope this is the first of many.

Allaboutevevintage will be in Haworth on Saturday 2nd May, 1-6pm at West Lane Baptist Church at the Jumble and Pearls pop up fayre. Come and say hello.

Happy shopping x