Thursday, 25 February 2016

Spring Vintage Fashion

 "The sun shines longer, the evenings grow lighter and we've simply got to have new clothes! The coats and frocks we wore happily in February look woefully dull and drab in March"
Woman magazine, March 1938.
I couldn't have put it better myself, so whose ready for Spring?

 I love the changing seasons and seeing some blue sky and sunshine this week has brought Spring one step closer. Spring is full optimism, flowers beginning to grow, baby lambs in the fields, an air of optimism developing. A chance to change out of all our winter layers, stop hibernating and wear something a little different.
So here's a little bit of vintage inspiration!
Starting with the sugary sweet pastels.
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 Charles of the Ritz advert, 1962.
Think of palm of violets, yellow daffodils, purple and pink tulips mixed with light blue spring sky.
Colours and shades seen again in all over the catwalks for 2016 as seen here on Chanel's Paris catwalk. What I am loving about this years trends is seems to be a real eclectic mix of eras, there is still a 60's and 70's look appearing but the 80's and 90's are making a comeback too. There really is a look to suit everyone!
I love this pale Blue 1960's Cresta jacket. Size 14 £25

Sweet pair of 1960's Basket weave court shoes. UK size 5 1/2 £25. Neutral coloured shoes are on my 'to buy list' for Spring and Summer.

Vintage 1960's trousers £25
One day I will master the capsule wardrobe concept, matching different tops and accessories to change your look. Not as easy as it looks! These vintage 1960's trousers look classic and fresh paired with a white polo neck and white shoes.
Vogue, 1953. Shades of Spring.
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The catwalk was once again filled with denim, dare I say it....Double denim is back!
With the continued nod to the 1970's in this years spring/Summer denim skirts are a firm favourite of mine.

This late 1970's Coca-Cola label skirt is fun, with a detachable denim pocket. UK size 8-10 £15.

Teamed with warmer jumpers and flats it's the perfect look to bridge the gap until the warmer weather arrives. Anyone for Cricket? Hand knitted Twinset Cricket style, UK size 10 £25.

Classic white and cream block heeled shoes. UK size 4 £20
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Time to start ditching the heavier dark coats and bring some colour into your wardrobe. This early 1970's jacket would look great with jeans and could even be worn layered underneath a coat.UK size 12 £35
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Let the Spring colour begin!

Not one for the shy! I love the colours and bold patterns of the 1960's and this dress is no exception. I have some vintage bedding very similar to this 1960's handmade shift dress, UK size £20. Perhaps some ribbed White tights would be best until the temperature rises!

Twiggy, 1960's.

So what will you're Spring look be?
 I'm going to embrace colour, floral and patterns.
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