Thursday, 24 March 2016

Liberty in Fashion

I have been wanting to visit the Liberty in Fashion exhibition for months and finally managed it on the very last day! It was also my first visit to the Fashion and Textile museum which I loved and will definitely be back. As a northern girl I find it quite frustrating that there is so many great exhibitions all around London and we hardly get a look in up North!
What do you associate with Liberty's? I think of the Far East, rich coloured patterns and lots of colour. The exhibition showcased the very best of their 140 years contribution to British fashion.


Liberty's wholesale fabric proved to be a great inspiration and first port of call for many top fashion designers during the 1960's. Designers such as Mary Quant, Jean Muir and Marion Donaldson all used Liberty prints in their collections.

 I would wear this 1960's suit today. Dollyrockers Liberty print suit, 1968 made by Samuel Sherman. Pattie Boyd became the face of the Dollyrockers campaign in the 60's.

Liberty's really came into their own during the Art Deco revival of  the 1970's, with their heavily floral patterns and smocking adorning the new casual chic.



Dress envy! I love this dress made by Vivienne Westwood, 2013. I think this silk Liberty print, 'Floral Eve' by Rachel Pedder Smith brings a modern freshness to the design house.

This pretty Liberty shirt is ready for Spring.UK 10-12 £25

When visiting the iconic Black and White Liberty's store you do gain a real sense of it's rich history, the dark wood bannisters and stairs add to the grandeur of the store. The array of eclectic clothing is show stopping. I have recently discovered the Vintage collection in the store and the clothes they have are amazing , sadly so are the price tags!